Mrskicks uses the highest quality of materials you can find on todays market ensuring you as a customer is 100% satisfied. Our custom sneakers are weather resistant, water resistant and of standards enough to be worn anywhere, regardless Whether its raining or sunny outside!

We care about our online shoppers and will go the extra mile to make sure our customers know about the durability of our designs. The sneakers themselves are 100% GENUINE and will not be advertised as something they're not ensuring trust within your shopping experience, The shoes are only lawfully purchased from verified UK or international stores such as NIKE themselves or resellers that have been authenticated by professionals.

We have been customising sneakers for over 3 years and with lots of experience we can identify a faulty design to a high quality design, Mrskicks uses special leather acrylics to create strong bonds towards a leather surface making this extremely durable and stable enough to be worn, we prepare and finish the sneakers with of quality products making the custom design extra sealed and locked in!, now you can shop with ease head over to some of our newest sneaker designs!