At Mrskicks UK, we believe in encouraging others to feel different and unique in themselves, having your own identity is important to us, expressing every inch of your wild side!, thats why we've introduced customised sneakers, to define and shine your true creativity. You can go above and beyond with your ideas as we are super versatile and completely open to anything!

With all of our special collections being revamped with new drops, You'll be guaranteed an endless pick of custom shoes that you can buy HERE at your artistry fingertips... We also offer an amazing service where you can design your very own custom shoes, the selections are endless. Your imagination really has NO Limits!

Founded 4 years back, You can feel comfortable leaving your designs and sneakers in our hands!, We've partnered with many other company's and fashion fanatics developing our skills, ideas and quality ensuring we are providing you with a 10/10 service and PRODUCT!, view our previous work with clients HERE

We are completely customer obsessed, giving you durable and quality sneakers, this is why we use strong and high pigmented materials ensuring you get the best out of what your purchasing, we really do go the extra mile to make sure our customers know about the strength of our designs, Sneakers mean everything to us so they should to you to!