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Drink Prime - 50 Pairs

Drink Prime, the infamous KSI & Jake Paul energy drink brand, asked us to create 50 pairs of gold Bespoke AF1s for a INSANE Campaign that took place in both London & New York, giving away a whopping £500k equivalent pure golden prime bottle, to celebrate a milestone within there brand of selling an astonishing 1 billion bottles, The shoes was to elevate the ambassadors all swag style.

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JD - Back to school

JD asked us to come along this summer to tour the whole of the UK customising! - We designed in store customer purchases such as Backpacks, Bum bags and sneakers of course! We took over the customs lab across 20 different stores over just 5 weeks for the back to school season.

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Crewtura - 100 pairs

Crewtura a USA based company asked us to design and customise 100 pairs of Jordan 1 lows for there prestigious corporate event to gift and show there employees how much they’re appreciated within the brand, This was for a very special occasion celebrating a 1 year anniversary with there branding colours and logos.

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ForcePoint - 15 Pairs

The cyber security company ’Forcepoint’ had kindly asked if creating a bunch of branded sneakers would be possible, We created 15 customised pairs of airforces for a corporate event for the shoes to all be won individually! We used a combination of paint and heat transfer vinyl to ensure the shoes was completely perfect

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GDK - 1 of 1 custom

GDK (Germandonerkebab) asked us to customise a pair of shoes for their new launch of a pink kebab! Called the ‘COCO & KIKI’- this project was under the influence of fashion , art and music, which large artists such as Tion Wayne , Stefflondon and Ivorian doll took part in, this collaboration was to promote there brand new menu item which is now a all time fav!!

Netflix - 12 pairs

We worked alongside the award winning and best streaming services there is to create and gift 12 special pairs of customised vans, all for the new heartstopper cast members to enjoy and wear, for maximum durability and for the best quality we branded there custom shoes with a combination of paint and HTV.

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channel 4 - 20 pairs

Channel 4 asked us to customise 20 pairs of hand painted unique airforce 1s on behalf of a new TV show called ‘spitting fire’ - the 20 pairs was given to all of the winners who showed off there inner talent and pure spitting heat.